Day 1

This morning I was supposed to wake up and run 2 miles with the 10k training team to kick off race preparation. However, thanks to a vicious sore throat and generally feeling like ICK, I went to bed last night without setting an alarm. I figured my body needed the rest. I woke up feeling much better and I’m glad I decided to take it easy. I’m bummed I missed the first day, but I’m hoping I can fit right in next week.

I still decided to whip out the 2 miles today, just to see how I felt. It was COLD and somewhat miserable but I managed to get it done in a 9:36 pace. My IT band was acting up so I’m going to try and focus on stretching and icing this week.

I’m thinking that my trusty Brooks may be on their last leg, although I’ve only done about 250 miles in them. I invested in an IT band strap thingy, but it’s hard to wear with Under Armour tights. Grrrr.

It looks like this:

I am cool. Except for the ugly heel strike and freaky neck veins.

It fits ABOVE my right knee and is supposed to stabilize my IT band. It worked pretty well during my half marathon training so I’m not really sure why I’ve been having so much trouble on short runs. It can tolerate about a mile before it starts acting up. Anywhoozle, it’s time to get showered and head to see BLACK SWAN! I’m scared.

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