Heating Up

I start the Monument 10k Training Team tomorrow morning and the temperature is supposed to be in the mid twenties. YIKES. I’ve done a few cold weather runs and have learned some valuable lessons for dressing warm. I am usually feeling pretty good in terms of my body temperature, but my ears, jaw, and fingertips tend to ache with the cold. Here’s my plan of attackĀ  for the morning.

Essential to any cold weather run…Under Armour running tights. These usually keep me nice and cozy, although sometimes the backs of my thighs get a little chilly.

Long sleeved VA is for RUNNERs tech tee. Kinda dorky but fits like a glove and keeps me toasty. Mine is kermit the frog green.

Best. top. ever. I love my Nike dri-fit half-zip shirt of awesome. It keeps me warm but isn’t bulky or annoying. I’ve done a 10 miler in this baby in about 45 degree weather and felt fine. I’ve also done a 3 miler in it in about 30 degree weather and felt just as good. It’s a great temperature regulator!! Mine is a little darker green than this one. I’m wearing it here.

I probably need to invest in some real running gloves. These $1 babies from Target just aren’t cutting it. They are great for wiping snot off my nose, but they don’t really do a good job of keeping my fingers frostbite free.

And probably the most essential piece of the whole puzzle…ear warmers! My ears must stick out or something because if I don’t protect them with a layer of fleecy goodness they begin to freeze. The cold slowly seeps into my jaw and it makes for a pretty miserable experience.

Thankfully our 1st run is only a quick 2 miler so even if it is colder than normal, I won’t have to suffer for too long. Bring it on!

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