My Lungs are Burning

So I finally sucked it up and went for a run OUTSIDE in the WINTER. Certain parts of my body were fine, other parts…not so much. Structurally I felt pretty good – no real pain in my IT band (until after the run of course. Evil knee). But man oh man did my lungs BURN!!! It is not fun to inhale 40 degree air. I know that’s not insanely cold or anything but it certainly didn’t feel all warm and snuggley. My ears were also in pain. Time to invest in an earwarmer me thinks.

Obviously BEFORE I went on the run. I don't normally look this goofy (I think).

Considering I’ve only gone running twice since the half (late November) I can’t complain about my stats. This run was all mental for me and it helped immensely that my friend Sarah was by my side. I think the lung/ear burning would have stopped me otherwise.

Seriously what would I do without my Garmin?!?! I heart it.

Unfortunately now my right IT band is KILLING ME. I think it has something to do with the fact that I didn’t really stretch after the run and I sat through a two and a half hour basketball game without moving. Time to whip out the foam roller.

In other news, I found ANOTHER race to run in March, but that will be for another post.


Sweet dreaming!

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