VA is for Lover’s 14k

It’s probably no surprise that I live in VA. And it’s probably also not a surprise that the phrase “Virginia is for Lover’s” is lame (what the heck does it even MEAN?!). But, alas, it makes for a good race name, especially around Valentine’s Day.

For Valentine’s Day this year I requested that my BF, Brian, run the VA is for Lover’s 14k with me. Brian is a self-proclaimed “retired” runner – he ran competitively basically his whole life up until we graduated from college. Despite the fact that he never trains and doesn’t race anymore, he can still whip out a 6 minute mile. I’ve only seen him run one 5k – completely on a whim – and he did it in about 21 minutes. You’d think I’d have it good with a built in running buddy, but he refuses to run with me (so chivalrous, I know). Apparently he’s “not capable” of running a 9/9:30 mile. LAME. But I still love him.

Mud Run 2008 - one of only TWO races we've ever done together.

Still my #1 fan (why yes, we do share a room)

So anyways, I told him that the ONLY THING I want for Vday is for him to run this race with me. We’re going to do the relay option which means that one of us will run 3.7 miles and the other will run 4.99. Brian has claimed the first leg since he thinks he’ll be able to speed past a ton of girls (it’s the little things). This will clearly position me to be passed by a ton of guys, but I’m not complaining.

The course looks pretty snazzy and lovey dovey.

And apparently I’ll get a ROSE at the end of it. How romantic!!

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day???

Running Hearts Galore!!!

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