Saturday Night Joys

How I spent my Saturday night….


Pure awesome

Please excuse the poor iPhone quality. But let’s be hones, you can expect to see a lot of iPhone photos. That’s just how I roll.

Items in this photo:

  • Malbec (straight out of the box..yes box. I have 4 bottles of the stuff at my disposal at anytime. And it’s through a SPIGOT!)
  • Vitatop (healthy chocolate)
  • New Keurig coffee maker (this is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the AM)
  • Christmas decor that needs to be put away
  • Spilled flour from my totallyawesomeamazing corn chowder I made tonight (cleaning on a Saturday is FORBIDDEN)
  • Paper towels (self explanatory)
  • A scary looking claw (actually just a spoon/ladle for pasta)
  • A Chinese ceramic item (straight from Shanghai where the BF’s bro & sister-in-law currently reside)

Ugh I can’t believe today marks the end of my epic holiday vacation. Le sigh.

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