Happy New Decade

1-1-11…Very cool.

Time to start this year off right. I’m crossing my fingers that I can keep the updates regular. No one likes to be irregular..

So what am I “resolving” to do this year?? Last year I vowed to bake 1 new cupcake recipe a month and I think I failed pretty miserably. I did well through July or so and then realized that I am horrible at baking. My apologies to the people (namely my co-workers) who had to eat all my whack-a-doo creations. So anyways, this year’s resolution/goal/vow is a lot more exciting (and achievable me thinks). I will be running in TEN races.  Any distance, any location, any time. Just TEN. I NEED motivation like this to get my butt in gear when it comes to running. I absolutely love it when I do it, but I really need some sort of disciplined structure to get to me out the door.

The training team I participated in for the 1/2 Marathon was truly the best running related decision I’ve ever made. The Saturday group runs were easy to wake up for – I knew there was a whole team of people waiting to run with me. I even started to run in the mornings before work. And no, hell did not freeze over. I really don’t think I could have done the race without that structure. I ended up finishing the race in 2:18:06. My goal was to finish, and I did just that. It was definitely a struggle but I was SO EXCITED to cross the finish line.

That's me in the green on the left. Running with my lil Bro and running BFF Sarah


I’m ready to feel that awesomeness again.

On January 22 I’ll start training team #2 – this time for the Monument Ave 10k in Richmond, VA. It’s a much shorter distance, but I know I need the team to get my butt out the door, especially in the winter. I got a lot of great running gear for Xmas and I’m ready to suit up and shut up. Or maybe just suit up and run. Oh, and I’ll FINALLY get to add some runs to my DailyMile profile – thank GOODNESS!!!

Current race schedule:

February 5 – Polar Plunge 5k in VA Beach

April 2 – Monument Ave 10k in Richmond

That’ll be 2 down, 8 to go. BRING IT ON!!!

And just cause I like to look like a badass runner, here are some more running pics from the 1/2 training team.

Week 1 - struggling through 3 miles. I'm in orange.

Making it through 8 miles...and creepily smiling.

According to the guy on the left this was our 9 mile training run. EVIL HILL!

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