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Tempo Time and Group Runs

According to my 10k training manual a tempo run should go like this:

“A tempo run is a continuous run with a buildup in the middle to a near race pace. Be sure not to run faster than your 10k pace. A tempo run of 30 minutes would begin with a 10 minute warm-up of easy running, then slowly increasing the pace throughout the next 15 minutes, and finally slowing down in the last 5 minutes.”

Considering that I just got my training packet today, and I did my tempo run in Thursday, I’m pretty proud to admit that I must be psychic. I literally did exactly what the manual says, simply by Google-ing tempo and crossing my fingers. I knew I had to start slow, speed up, and slow down and I did the 10, 15, 5 min thing just by pure psychic-ness.

I went from two hours of volleyball directly to the dreadmill to get this run in, so I was pretty beat by the end. Here’s what I did:

Minutes 0-10: 6.0, 10 min/mile

Minutes 10-25: 6.3, 9:31 min/mile

Minutes 25-30: 6.0, 10 min/mile

This morning I woke up to join the 10k training team at a local YMCA. It ended up being GREAT, despite the 30 degree weather. I think I wore 1 too many layers, but at least I’ll know for next time. The training team has walker, novice and intermediate divisions and I put myself in intermediate with about 8 other people. I ended up finishing along with 1 other lady in front of everyone!! I NEVER finish first, so that was pretty awesome. We weren’t super speedy but we pushed through and it felt great. And even better, I had absolutely no IT Band pain. I kept it pretty slow and steady, so I think that helped.

The Polar Plunge 5k is just 1 week away!! I really want to finish in under 30 minutes, so hopefully I can bang out those 3.1 miles like I did mile 4 of today’s run 🙂

Random picture time!

St. Patrick’s Day 2008. I wore PJs (that pink thing) and Brian drank a lot of beer. Good times.


The Flow

Thanks to some nasty weather and my immense fear of southern drivers in a snow/ice storm, I decided to stay clear of the gym this evening. I will get my 30 minute tempo run in tomorrow after volleyball (I play on a co-ed rec league and it’s awesome).

To avoid feeling like a total waste of space I decided to give yoga a try on my own. I enjoy doing it and I like feeling all stretched out at the end of it. Since I don’t know anything about yoga, I did what any self respecting girl would do and hopped on YouTube. I typed in Yoga 30 Minutes and found this little gem.

It was super basic but still enough to bring my heart rate up a little bit. I feel pretty stretched and hope that somehow this will ultimately help me run a little better.

Happy hump day and Namaste.

I’m so ZEN.


Mill of Dread

Also known as the dreadmill. Or the treadmill.


I find it difficult to spend more than 3-4 miles on the dreadmill. I don’t typically run with music, but I really have no choice when I run at the gym. It’s super awkward to be running next to someone and have to listen to their breathing or grunting. No thanks. I like to zone out to David Guetta radio on Pandora. It’s much more pleasant than caveman grunts.

Anywizz – yesterday I ran 2 solid, fast (for me) miles and finished in 18:45. Then I hopped in the car and drove across town to a yoga class that I got off of Living Social (probably the best deal site EVER. Sorry Groupon). The class was fun, but not very challenging. We mostly focused on breathing and doing some very basic poses. I’m slightly sore in places that I’ve never felt before (like the area above my hip bones, whatever that is) but overall I didn’t feel much of a burn. I have three more classes left from my purchase, so I’m hoping to attend a different genre of yoga next.

Today is a rest day according to my 10k training plan, so I’m doing just that: sittin here all cool in my nerd glasses and eating reese’s cups like they’re my job. Tomorrow calls for a 30 minute tempo run, so I’ll probably need to do some Googling to figure out exactly what that entails.

For now I leave you with an obligatory blog post photo.

Ultra nerd classes c/o NYE 2009.

Day 1

This morning I was supposed to wake up and run 2 miles with the 10k training team to kick off race preparation. However, thanks to a vicious sore throat and generally feeling like ICK, I went to bed last night without setting an alarm. I figured my body needed the rest. I woke up feeling much better and I’m glad I decided to take it easy. I’m bummed I missed the first day, but I’m hoping I can fit right in next week.

I still decided to whip out the 2 miles today, just to see how I felt. It was COLD and somewhat miserable but I managed to get it done in a 9:36 pace. My IT band was acting up so I’m going to try and focus on stretching and icing this week.

I’m thinking that my trusty Brooks may be on their last leg, although I’ve only done about 250 miles in them. I invested in an IT band strap thingy, but it’s hard to wear with Under Armour tights. Grrrr.

It looks like this:

I am cool. Except for the ugly heel strike and freaky neck veins.

It fits ABOVE my right knee and is supposed to stabilize my IT band. It worked pretty well during my half marathon training so I’m not really sure why I’ve been having so much trouble on short runs. It can tolerate about a mile before it starts acting up. Anywhoozle, it’s time to get showered and head to see BLACK SWAN! I’m scared.

Heating Up

I start the Monument 10k Training Team tomorrow morning and the temperature is supposed to be in the mid twenties. YIKES. I’ve done a few cold weather runs and have learned some valuable lessons for dressing warm. I am usually feeling pretty good in terms of my body temperature, but my ears, jaw, and fingertips tend to ache with the cold. Here’s my plan of attack  for the morning.

Essential to any cold weather run…Under Armour running tights. These usually keep me nice and cozy, although sometimes the backs of my thighs get a little chilly.

Long sleeved VA is for RUNNERs tech tee. Kinda dorky but fits like a glove and keeps me toasty. Mine is kermit the frog green.

Best. top. ever. I love my Nike dri-fit half-zip shirt of awesome. It keeps me warm but isn’t bulky or annoying. I’ve done a 10 miler in this baby in about 45 degree weather and felt fine. I’ve also done a 3 miler in it in about 30 degree weather and felt just as good. It’s a great temperature regulator!! Mine is a little darker green than this one. I’m wearing it here.

I probably need to invest in some real running gloves. These $1 babies from Target just aren’t cutting it. They are great for wiping snot off my nose, but they don’t really do a good job of keeping my fingers frostbite free.

And probably the most essential piece of the whole puzzle…ear warmers! My ears must stick out or something because if I don’t protect them with a layer of fleecy goodness they begin to freeze. The cold slowly seeps into my jaw and it makes for a pretty miserable experience.

Thankfully our 1st run is only a quick 2 miler so even if it is colder than normal, I won’t have to suffer for too long. Bring it on!

Phantastic 5k

This race sold out in 24 hours…and it’s a FIRST YEAR RACE!! Yours truly snatched up one of the coveted spots, and I signed up Brian on a whim too. He’s obsessed with the Phillies (born and raised outside of Philly) so I figured if anything was going to get him off his butt and into a race it would be this.

My Lungs are Burning

So I finally sucked it up and went for a run OUTSIDE in the WINTER. Certain parts of my body were fine, other parts…not so much. Structurally I felt pretty good – no real pain in my IT band (until after the run of course. Evil knee). But man oh man did my lungs BURN!!! It is not fun to inhale 40 degree air. I know that’s not insanely cold or anything but it certainly didn’t feel all warm and snuggley. My ears were also in pain. Time to invest in an earwarmer me thinks.

Obviously BEFORE I went on the run. I don't normally look this goofy (I think).

Considering I’ve only gone running twice since the half (late November) I can’t complain about my stats. This run was all mental for me and it helped immensely that my friend Sarah was by my side. I think the lung/ear burning would have stopped me otherwise.

Seriously what would I do without my Garmin?!?! I heart it.

Unfortunately now my right IT band is KILLING ME. I think it has something to do with the fact that I didn’t really stretch after the run and I sat through a two and a half hour basketball game without moving. Time to whip out the foam roller.

In other news, I found ANOTHER race to run in March, but that will be for another post.


Sweet dreaming!

Lucky Bums

Officially jealous.

And I’m officially off to work for the first time this year. And for the first time since Wednesday, December 22, 2010. This bums me about a bit – it’s been a fantastic holiday – but I’m looking forward to jumping into the new year head first.

You’ve got nothing on me 2011!!!!

1 million points if you can guess where this pic was taken.

VA is for Lover’s 14k

It’s probably no surprise that I live in VA. And it’s probably also not a surprise that the phrase “Virginia is for Lover’s” is lame (what the heck does it even MEAN?!). But, alas, it makes for a good race name, especially around Valentine’s Day.

For Valentine’s Day this year I requested that my BF, Brian, run the VA is for Lover’s 14k with me. Brian is a self-proclaimed “retired” runner – he ran competitively basically his whole life up until we graduated from college. Despite the fact that he never trains and doesn’t race anymore, he can still whip out a 6 minute mile. I’ve only seen him run one 5k – completely on a whim – and he did it in about 21 minutes. You’d think I’d have it good with a built in running buddy, but he refuses to run with me (so chivalrous, I know). Apparently he’s “not capable” of running a 9/9:30 mile. LAME. But I still love him.

Mud Run 2008 - one of only TWO races we've ever done together.

Still my #1 fan (why yes, we do share a room)

So anyways, I told him that the ONLY THING I want for Vday is for him to run this race with me. We’re going to do the relay option which means that one of us will run 3.7 miles and the other will run 4.99. Brian has claimed the first leg since he thinks he’ll be able to speed past a ton of girls (it’s the little things). This will clearly position me to be passed by a ton of guys, but I’m not complaining.

The course looks pretty snazzy and lovey dovey.

And apparently I’ll get a ROSE at the end of it. How romantic!!

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day???

Running Hearts Galore!!!

Saturday Night Joys

How I spent my Saturday night….


Pure awesome

Please excuse the poor iPhone quality. But let’s be hones, you can expect to see a lot of iPhone photos. That’s just how I roll.

Items in this photo:

  • Malbec (straight out of the box..yes box. I have 4 bottles of the stuff at my disposal at anytime. And it’s through a SPIGOT!)
  • Vitatop (healthy chocolate)
  • New Keurig coffee maker (this is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the AM)
  • Christmas decor that needs to be put away
  • Spilled flour from my totallyawesomeamazing corn chowder I made tonight (cleaning on a Saturday is FORBIDDEN)
  • Paper towels (self explanatory)
  • A scary looking claw (actually just a spoon/ladle for pasta)
  • A Chinese ceramic item (straight from Shanghai where the BF’s bro & sister-in-law currently reside)

Ugh I can’t believe today marks the end of my epic holiday vacation. Le sigh.