This November I am running my very first half marathon. That’s right, 13.1 awesomely craptastic miles. I’ve finished three 10ks and a 5k but never actually trained for any of it. I always wanted to do the 10k in under 1 hour but always ran into some sort of issue – most notably my IT band. So now that I am upping the ante on my adult-ness, I decided a half marathon would be some good motivation to stay focused on a happier and healthier me. I NEED structure and a schedule, so setting a massive goal is the perfect plan.

My very first 10k! (Look at that heel strike…YIKES)

In early August I began training for the McDonald’s (ha – irony???) Half Marathon in Richmond, VA. I forked over the money to join the “official training team” through a local sports organization and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. The actual race isn’t until November 13th but I’ve already got a solid month of training under my belt. It is unreal how wonderful the training team is for me. Every Saturday we do our long group runs and then follow a scheduled training manual for the rest of the week. There is also a nifty website to help keep track of runs, chat with other runners and view photos from each long run (

I plan to dedicate a whole post to the awesomeness of the training team, so for now I want to share some blogivations (blog + motivation…work with me here people) that have really helped me form a new appreciation for health, running and fitness. These blogs gave me the confidence to buckle up and register for the half marathon and attempt to document everything along the way!

  • First up, the mothership of healthy living blogs: Healthy Tipping Point. I can’t tell you how awesome I think Caitlin is. She runs, eats healthy (and super appetizing!!) foods, and even published her own book: Operation Beautiful. I definitely look up to her and check her blog daily. She’s EPIC.
  • SkinnyRunner. Hilarious and a ridiculously great runner (and celebrity gossip guru). I wish I had the patience to do a 13 mile treadmill run. And that’s just how she trains. Love it. Oh and she is a commercial fisherwoman. How badass is that?!?!!?
  • Katie from the New Good Ole Days is one of my favorites. She is super inspiring, fashionable and positive. I love her outlook on life and how she keeps such a fresh and positive perspective on everything. She’s one of the main reason’s I’ve been focusing on healthy eating lately – the greatest wealth is health!!
  • The Front Burner. Emily is just so wonderfully NORMAL. She is an inspiring athlete and she keeps things real on her blog, which I really appreciate! And she makes healthy living seem so easy and achievable for a newbie like me.
  • And a new personal fav…The Hungry Runner Girl. Hilarious, quirky and ridiculously good at running (and being weird…in a good way duh).
  • Other blogs I love to frequent are: Peanut Butter Fingers, Graduate Meghann, and The Fitnessista. Such awesome inspiration!

Happy healthy living!!

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